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Permanent Cosmetics: Aquarelle Lips

What are Aquarelle Lips?

Aquarelle lips are a form of lip blushing that blends the color of your choice into the lips in a soft airbrushed effect similar to a lip tint. It doesn’t define the edges of the lips as much as other techniques do. In fact, that’s what differentiates aquarelle lips from regular lip blushing.

The aquarelle lip blush doesn’t outline the lips into a defined shape, but rather gives the illusion of wearing no makeup, like your lips are naturally that color. This is achieved by a shaded, blended edge that’s less saturated in color than the center of the lips.

Of course, different artists do the treatment in different ways, and the results can be adapted to your wishes, so you can have a more or less defined finish. But the inspiration behind this lip blushing pattern are watercolor paintings, so authentic aquarelle lips give a blended, soft effect.

How Are Aquarelle Lip Treatments Performed?

As with any semi permanent lip tattoo, the aquarelle lips are done by opening up the skin with an electric needle device and depositing color into it. So it’s technically a form of tattooing, but it doesn’t last forever.

The aquarelle lip tattoo uses PMU pigments rather than ink which are formulated in such a way that the body can break them down, and the color fades until it becomes invisible. This is a gradual process, so you can get up to 5 years of enhanced lips from an aquarelle lip tattoo.

The results can be prolonged by getting a color boost and replenishing the pigments.

The aquarelle lips technique implies a soft blending of color into the lips, so the color is built up in several passes to achieve the blurred, airbrushed effect. Depending on your wishes, the PMU artist will saturate different areas of the lips more or less.

The results are less opaque than with full lip color, so it won’t completely hide the texture of your lips, but rather enhance them. Clever shading can give the illusion of fuller lips and make their shape look more symmetrical.

NOTE: Lips don’t retain pigments as well as the rest of the skin, so a touch up session might be necessary if you want an intense color. It’s done 6-8 weeks after the initial session, once the lips heal completely.

How Much Do Aquarelle Lips Cost?

Costs for this procedure can vary depending on what you'd like done and where you go. You can view Lush Distinctions' prices on our booking page or book a free consultation to answer your questions.

Aquarelle Lips
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